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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:


Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp:






Total Hits: 13

Total Boated:9

Species Breakdown:kings ,steel ,hoe

Hot Lure: dirty Shie boy

Trolling Speed: 2.3

Down Speed:

Boat Depth:

Lure Depth: 40 -55



===================finally made the move to the big o.After months of reading post,tackle description ,I decided to give it a try.Headed out of olcott at 5:00 am .My dad ,my buddy,and me on my boat ,and my buddy flo.his wife and friend on his boat .Headed straight out to 500 fow .I don't have a,probe so Flo found temp and down speed for us ..we just matched gps speed and paced his boat.Start setting rods and he's got 1 on ,finally get rods out and they have doubled up.A couple seconds later we got one on,8# king.After that it was steady action ,13 hits with 9 booted Biggest being a 27.14# king.Awesome fight ,Now I got the itch to get back out and forget them walleye.I think we did pretty good for first time solo with no probe....Thanks to everyone here for report and descriptions on salmon fishing.._Also thanks to my buddy Flo for helping me out with temp,speed ,and knowledge.. Hot lure was dirty white boy taking 8 ..on riig55 down 20 feet back

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Good job. You did better than most people I talked to. We didn't go out quite that far we stopp at 350 and turned back around every fish we marked was 100 plus foot down and didn't want to eat. We got a bunch of smaller kings and the biggest being 16lb

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Sorry to hear of your loss..............................of money :lol:

Yup its pretty cool gettin something that pulls line out after walleye fishing,but the taste will have ya back for more (wally) .

Good for you guys,that first screamin drag will be a story long remembered ,even longer than yer anaverssary date..heres a helpfull tip mine is 16 days after turkey season starts,46 days after first day of trout season,somewhere around 136 days after ya got lucky (Christmass) once a year,,,bout 149 after gun season closes,ect,ect,,,,.

See how easy it is to remember those IMPORTANT DATES!!!!

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