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cayuga 8-13 evening trip


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fished out of t-falls with steve aboard the fishin magician. we started around five and fished till dark. we headed north from the park, and had non-stop action the entire time. white\green dot spinnie with big weenie fly(fruity frosticle i think) from the dipsey set at 285 was the ticket. picked a few lakers and salmon off the riggers set at 65 and 75ft, pulling spoons. most of the action however was on the dipseys. we ended up with over 20 hookups, boating around 15 of them. we had quite a few that were over 10lbs. :yes: we doubled twice right in front of the park... weeds and fleas were a non issue, but the lake was pretty rough.. a big thanks to steve for a fantastic evening of fishing :clap:

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