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Port Bay to Fair haven 8/14

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Fishing Report
Your Name / Boat Name:
Time on Water:8-2
Weather/Temp:70's periods of sun and clouds/fog
Wind Speed/Direction:
Waves: 1
Surface Temp:

Total Hits: 2
Total Boated:2
Species Breakdown:Kings
Hot Lure: carmel dolphin spinny/flie
Trolling Speed: 2.5-3.0
Down Speed: ?
Boat Depth: 150-350?
Lure Depth: 70-120

Just started fishing for Kings 2 1/2 weeks ago. Got about 5 trips under my belt. First couple trips got a couple skippers, lakers, browns and steelies. I haven't been putting up big numbers yet (no speed/temp probe). But it's been a blast on my little Lowe!!

Today did a 12 lbs king in 175 01 wire dipsey out 225 on a 2 setting
Then a 25 lbs in 325 same set-up out 250
No luck on spoons or spinnies off the riggers.

First pic was today's 25. Other king was last week 22. Steelie was 12 lbs 2 weeks ago.

Thanks guys for all the tips!!




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Looks like you got the fever joe. Somehow I managed to get skunked yesterday with every boat I trolled by having a fish on. Lol. I had on what everyone else did and was down in there water column. Very humbling to say the least. Keep up the good work joe

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Adam, i started off running my riggers at 90/110 and the dipseys out 300 and 350. Was thinking the fish would be deeper. Then after 3 hours of nothing...pulled my riggers up to 70/90 and let out the dipseys 225 and 250. Then got the two fish out in the military exercise area off Fair Haven. That Carmel Dolphin spinny/flie has been my good luck charm. Nothing wanted mtn dew, crazy biotch, H1 hammer, gator, nuke white, white/green dots or nbk.

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