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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: REEL POWER




Time on Water: late on the 11th, all day 12th and 13th

Weather/Temp: Blown off most of Thursday afternoon, light easterlies Friday, light variables Friday

Waves: 2-4 Thursday evening, light to moderate chop Thurs.-Fri.

Surface Temp: 74-77

Location: West of Wilson, inshore and offshore





Total Hits: 25 ish

Total Boated: 18 ish

Species Breakdown: Mostly Kings, a few small steelies and a nice domestic rainbow

Hot Lure: Pro King green/sliver/ladderback glow, Blue/Chrome NBK Spinnie w/blue sushi Fly, Green glow NBK Stingray

Trolling Speed: 2.1-2.5 was best

Down Speed: Same

Boat Depth: Best action 295-370, inshore bite wouldn't fire for us.

Lure Depth: 90-110 was best with a few shots in the 50-75 range.




First time in Wilson, nice amenities at the Wilson Boatyard. Thursday afternoon was a rough start with weather and mechanical issues. Thanks to Jim at the Boat Doctor in Olcott with a temporary repair and correct diagnosis. Don't go anywhere else. Was able to get out in the p.m. for about three hours, inshore 70-120 fow. Excellent screen, no bites.

Ran offshore Fri. morning. Found that the temp was down deep. Had 62 degrees 65 feet down over 280. Targeted kings down 75-110. Slow start and a few missed opportunities developed into a rigger bite. A new friend who never landed a king before took a 39" x 24" hen that was pushing thirty pounds. Pro King green/glow ladderback down 95. Hit a couple low teens and a few one year olds. 300 copper/spoon put out a ten pound domestic rainbow. Awesome colors like an AK bow, never seen one before in Lake O. Spinnies started to fire in the p.m., mostly little steelies but a couple small kings in the mix.

Tried the inshore again Sat. morning. Wilson first, nada, then off the Bar, nada. Trolled north, easterlies pushed the green water to Canada. Ripped an icebreaker 25lb male out of the blue in 328 fow. Great fight with a good angler. Proceeded a slow pic throughout the day. A couple more on riggers, one and two year olds. Some dinks, then a nice low teens on the chrome blue NBK spinny and sushi fly. 330-280 fow was productive. Slipped back inshore at the end of the day on the troll home. Nada.

Sunday got scratched due to the return of my thermostat Gremlin. Burned another impeller and packed it up. Lake looked nice.

All in all tough but productive fishing, workin' hard for the bites and changing things up to find a decent pattern. Head the charter boys were doing good near Wilson 100- 200 fow. Just couldn't get that bite going.



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