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First Trail Cam Shots of the Year

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Well, I finally got off my @ss and put the cameras out last weekend (8/7). Decided I had to see what was wandering around during the first week, so went and checked them on Saturday. Got a decent number of doe/fawn pics, and some nice bucks as well. Not bad for the first six days...now if I can just keep them around for the season!











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I've been glassing the deer in the neighborhood using my daughter's telescope (it's as tall as I am) the past week or so, and the bucks are definitely beginning to fill out their headgear. Nothing enormous yet, but it's fun to be able to look at an eight half-a-mile away and have it fill up the entire field of view. Only issue with the telescope=the image is upside down :(

My new Elite Hunter should be in this week, too! Can't wait to shoot it.

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Nice pictures :yes: ....been watching a 8 thats a border line shooter and a similar 6 and sure hope the monster (170 class 10 at 4 years old) that was around last year is still around....just starting to get out to do some scouting and put the finishing touches on the food plots...Cant wait!

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Nice bucks Tommy Boy.

Hope it works out for you this year again. Keep pics coming. I am Finishing up fishing season soon THEN GET REAL SERIOUS with deploying all the trail cams. Can't wait to see this years Buck crop !!!!

Talk soon



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