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Wilson Harbor Invitational 2012

Change the Entry Fee?  

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The reason I was given for it being only a 1 day event, was so the results were 100% based on each teams scouting and performance. The feeling is, teams can adjust based on "what and where" from day one. I guess this has some merit, but any other major fishing competition isn't limited to 8hrs. The BASS master classic is 3 or 4 days. Of course that wouldn't work here but certainly 2 days allows for multiple challenges and adjustments. With a 2 day event, you get TWO "night befores". No one is suggesting ruining the "bash" either. 2 day events should be Fri/Sat, with the Sat nite banquet and Sunday only used as a blow day. Currently, everyone is "beating up" fish on Friday already. Why not have them count in the competition? Certainly doesn't make sense to make Friday a "3 King event". May as well make it another Tourny day, as everyones "hand" will be shown. This is why some of the guys are suggesting a multi-species event for Friday. If it remains a 1 day shootout, then I think the mutiple species concept is the best way to have a second competition on Friday.

No matter what, Team Thrillseeker will be there. Kev has "raised the bar" with his well run event. Our position on this is the same as all the topics discussed--whatever the MAJORITY wants is what we want to see happen.

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I may be in minority but I feel that Friday is the day to hone in on your program and dial in the kings. If you bring one big one to the table to weigh it's up to the other teams to guess if you lucked in to it or if you are on your game. A grand slam is a "fun" concept but with $20,000.00 up for grabs on Saturday I would just as soon sharpen my blade on nooks. I would not have a problem with the increased entry. With only 2 or 2 1/2 days to prefish it is difficult to put it on the side and drop half of your scout time on a grand slam challenge. As far as the two day, my opinion is that brings us back to the communication issues and leaves the door wide open for clicks and call ins. One last note, this event was first class this season and I can't say enough about Kevin Jerge's vision of making this the showcase event on the Great Lakes. Way to go Kevin!

Good Fishing,

Capt. Tony Sambunjak

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Tony, doesn't seem like you are in the minority. Perhaps the best way to go whether the entry is increased or not, is to make the "big fish derby" a separate deal. Don't rob funds from entry fees, and don't make people feel obligated to bring a fish in "to have a shot".

As for "cliques and call-in's", whether its a 1 or 2 day event that would be cheating as this is an absolutely NO COMM event.

After hearing how most people like the 1 day format, perhaps down the road a championship could be set up. After qualifying in one of Kevins events, the championship could be multiple days with multiple formats. Kings one day, 2 of each of 3 species another, and then 6 of anything the final day. Now thats thinking outside the box.

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I do where you are coming from and coming from you it holds merit. I have no doubt that Team Thrillseeker would hold fast to the NO COMM rule between days one and two if that was put forth in the rules of this event if it was a made into a two-day event. I do know too how teams talk about their days of fishing at weigh in and later in the PM. I have also seen day 1 leaders mugged at the day two horn with a half dozen boats in their flat water behind the transom. These are my reasons for the day one event. All on the line for a one day battle. I do agree that a two day event puts value on consistenciy but their are reasons that those waters are sometimes muddied. I think I am in the minority for keeping the Big Fish Friday a one fish entry as opposed to a three fish that has been supported. Here is my reasoning: A one fish does not tip your hand to the feild. Anyone can "luck" into a big fish (or so they say) so if a team brings in one you can not be certain if they are "dialed in". Case in point- If Pat came in with three big boys on Friday this year (which he had) while other boats could not wrangle in a single bite, would he of had company in the trench following him out on Saturday morning? Probably a moot point because it would have been tough to follow in the fog but still the question exsists. I know the PC answer is, "We find our own fish and fish our own program." So I guess my next question is have you ever felt that you have been followed? Kind of funny after looking at the LOC video that was done for laughs this week. I just guess I am cynical. I know people should not do that, I know people say they don't do that and others say that is just part of the strategy involved in Great Lakes tournament action.

I do love your outside the box thinking though. Geez Louise, I am trying hone in on catching kings and now I have to learn how to target Atlantics. Will they hit on mortadella meat rigs?

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A question:

The WHI is set for May 12, 2012 and the LOC is set for May 4th - 13th, 2012. If you are competeing in the WHI and one of you fish places you on the LOC board or the best senario is you bag your limit in the WHI wth the possability of 1st place and one of the Kings you enter may take the top weight in the LOC, can you enter the fish in both events?

This will be very interesting with both events running at the same time. Possitive side is it strengthens the no comm rule because we all know during the LOC's fish reports become very vague and communication becomes non-exsistant.


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Wow the red can will really be.packed now. Going to be a tough shotgun start for sure. I've fished up there off the bar for 13 years and its usually packed the last weekend of the loc. I'm just glad the new boat goes 45 MPH so I can try to out run everyone! LOL!

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