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Horrocks - Ibbotson Genuine Cane Fly Rod mfg in Utica N.Y.

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Found two of these in the basement. Both are three piece and one is complete in a fabric sheath. One is a little beat but the other is in very good condition and says "Ike Walton" on it. Anyone familiar with these fly rods?? Probably belonged to my grandfather and was curoius if anyone on here might have any more insight than what I have been able to "Google". Thanks ;)

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the horrics-ibbotson plant was based in Utica NY not ithica. I grew up looking at their building most of my life before they tore it down. they as far as I am told not a real big collectors item but mint cond. ones can go as high as 100 bucks but I can be wrong but check with guys around Utica. There are some experts. good luck. Rick

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I used to drive right by the old H-I factory on my way to school every morning when I was attending Riverside Aeronautics back in the 90's.

One morning there was a huge crane parked next to it with a giant wrecking ball. On my drive home the factory was no more, just a mountain of bricks. ;(

When I took my car for an oil change out there once I noticed the owner had a lot of H-I stuff in his office and I got to talking to him about it. He said his grandfather or great grandfather owned H-I and he was always buying H-I stuff and asked if I had any, I did. I brought him some H-I fly reels I picked up with a box of muskie plugs at an auction. The reels just happened to be in the box of plugs I bid on and won and I didn't want them anyway. They were in great condition but not mint, he passed. He was extremely picky, only wanted stuff that was absolutely mint.

You might give him a try but like I said he's picky. It's been a long time but I think this is the place~


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