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Seneca 8/17/11

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Headed out of Severne at 6pm with my son for a quick trip. Set rods right away and trolled south. Couldn't find bait or fish anywhere but took a shot on a rigger set at 75', no one home. Turned around and headed north and ran into a pile of weeds :devil: . Got everything clean and got north of the launch and found some bait in 100 - 200 FOW with no marks. Decided it was time to start picking up when the rigger with a green dolphin SD and BW hot mess fly set at 55' fired...finally fish on for Liam! With dad's help he boat a very nice laker.

The smile says it all


I couldn't find my scale and didn't measure his fish since it took him a bit to land it and I wanted to get it back in in the water. Got his laker back in the water and the fish finder was full of bait and marks. Decided to drop the rods back in with no takers

Liam changing out spoons



As we are headed home Liam says dad I will never forget tonight's fishing trip... :)

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