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Oak Orchard 8/17 pm and 8/18 am - Update 8/19 & 8/20 & pics

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Li'l Bit




Date(s):8/17 & 8/18

Time on Water:2-4 pm & 6-noon


Wind Speed/Direction:SSW

Waves: flat on 8/17 and 2' on 8/18

Surface Temp: 69 and 65

Location:Oak Orchard

LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): 29 - 33 right out front




Total Hits: 5 & 13

Total Boated:4 & 7

Species Breakdown:kings & steelhead

Hot Lure: ask my son he's the lure guy

Trolling Speed: 3 - 3.7

Down Speed: 2.5 - 3

Boat Depth: 400

Lure Depth: 55 - 105





Arrived at point breeze around 11:30 after a 7.5 hour drive. Caught 2 kings and two steelhead in the pm - nothing big. Kept the bleeder kings.


Got out early this morning and got into a couple of small steelhead that we unhooked at the back of the boat. Then my son and I each had decent steel. Then my 11 year old grandson brought in his first over 20 king all by himself - 34" and 21 lb. It was also the first over 20 anything on our boat.


Then we got a real bad case of the drops missing the next five fish. We finally caught a couple more steelhead while we were clearing lines for the run back to the dock.

As long as we kept the boat speed in the 2.5 - 3 down speed range we caught fish. When the speed dropped we couldn't buy a bite We found 50 deg at depths ranging from 45 ft - 80 ft. The deeper the water the higher the cold water got. We got our hits on either a north or south troll. All of the fish we caught were on spoons on the riggers - many of the steel on sliders..Had some hits on divers, but they all came unbuttoned.

Friday we made a huge loop running northeast out of the harbor to the 29 line and set up a meandering troll to the northwest out to the 36+ line and then back southeast towards the harbor. We managed 15 fish and 13 of them were steelhead with the two kings being really small. Several of the steelhead were in the 7 – 9 pound range. Again we ran back in and were at the dock by 3. I cleaned up 5 steelhead and we had some for an early supper. Then we ran back out and reset our spread for our evening trip. We managed to pick up two more steelhead, once again, including one on the meat rig.

Saturday was our last day to fish and was also tournament day with at least two tournaments and a derby being fished out of Oak Orchard Creek. The boat parade was going on for at least an hour before we joined in. We ran northwest to the 29 line but found 63° down to 100 feet. My son gave the order to pull the probe and ran out to 31 where we set out our spread. Early on we had a screamer on the port side wire out 200 pulling a Mountain Dew/Pearl Glow spin doctor and a Chartreuse Glow Hammer fly. It took nearly an hour, but we landed our second fish of the trip over 20 pounds.


We had a steady pick of fish when we had another major runoff from our probe rigger still pulling the Caramel Dolphin. It turned out to be a 14 ½ pound steelhead that would have eased into fourth place in the Orleans County Derby – if only we had entered.


We continued to work our waypoints and had one more major fish – another over 20 king on the starboard wire rod out 180 with a Chrome spin doctor with green tape on both sides pulling a Butt Sniffer fly. A lot of the fish we caught on Saturday were the result of crossing a temperature break we found. We had parked our probe rigger at 100 feet and found an area that changed from 45° to 53°. Many fish were caught in this transition including the two big salmon and the 14 ½ pound steelhead.


All in all it was a great trip with great fun with a great bunch of guys. In addition to the lures mentioned above, we caught a lot of fish on Purple Thunder, NBK, and Evil Eye spoons. We also had some success with Steelie Dan and Salmon Slapper spoons. This Lake Ontario fishing was a fantastic experience none of us will soon forget.

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Purple Thunder and Caramel Dolphin at various depths were consistent all days with the bigger kings and steelhead. Saturday was a good day, good size fish a little west on the 33 line, NK NBK copper parked at 45 was a hit with the steelies.

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Thanks Rich. It was a pleasure talking with you again Saturday evening. Chartering with you and Bill Ruth and the research done on this site made our good trip possible. Thanks to all who give advice on this wonderful resource.

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