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Fishing Report

Your Name LongLine

Launched eaarrrrrly this morning. (5:15am) Would have been out even earlier but had to chase down a light problem. South wind, maybe a 6†chop. Headed straight out & slightly to the left. Could smell the fish at 65 so had lines set by 80FOW.


Worked out to 130FOW but then came back in & played around the 95-110 range to Russell & back, zigging & azagging. 54F down 80 & real thin band so I kept the deep one in it. ¼ mph pulled you up into the 60s F. 74F on surface for most of the trip. (Same as in the river)

9 for 9, all on the rigg’rs. Only used 3 lures: NK 28 Wonderbread clown down deep, DW Blue dolphin high, and very proudly my own “$19 fly†in the middle. (Named “$19 fly†cuz that’s how much I spent in mylar, glue & tubing figuring out how to make flies before I got one that didn’t end up in the trash) Down speed 2- 2 1/4mph. All very solidly hooked.

Anyways, almost a grand slam.


Interesting is that he had both pec fins clipped.


Got this laker just past Russell. What’s interesting is that he had just nailed a goby. Take a close look at the goby


“tiny fish eaten by little fish eaten by bigger fish.†I’ve don’t think I’ve ever caught 3 fish on the same lure at the same time before. Thought at first maybe a sculpin, but he had a fused stomach fin & was roughly 6 ½†long.


Had 6 little kings in between the above. Natural count now something like 18 out of 25.

Finally found some bait out there.


Actually a clean screen till about 9:00. Off at 10:00. About 10 trailers in the lot.

Luck to all,

Tom B.


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