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i was looking at the weights on the leader board. and i thought you were only allowed one fish to be weighed in with your name. and if you had a bigger one it would bump out the smaller one.

on the lt's there is one guy who has two fish on there with the same name?

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That's true- you can only have one fish entered at a time. see rule 18 in 'Rules and Regulations'.

It states- "18. Is entitled to only one division cash prize. No participant may win more than one of the division prizes, although contestants may enter more than one fish. If the succeeding fish is larger, the smaller of the fish with least weight will be withdrawn." (The wording could be a little clearer IMO.)

In the Summer derby, I was unaware of this rule, and had a brown and a laker entered at the same time for about a week. They finally caught the mistake, and eliminated the laker. (The brown fell off the board in the last hour of the tournement! Oh well!!)

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