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Older Mag 10B's stall when retrieving

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If they worked ok before but not now, I'd say corroded connections somewhere in the wiring. If it's a new instaltation, it sounds like undersized wiring. Either way, the problem results in low voltage at the rigger, causing them to work too hard and stop. Also could be low battery voltage but I'd think you would have noticed that in more ways than just poor rigger performance.

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Replacing wire is not a fix if the problem is just that the riggers are old and tired. If the riggers were working fine and don't work well now, then the problem is more likely corroded or bad connections rather than undersized wire unless the riggers are just worn out. I had problems like that when I had cannons and I found that the problem was the connections in my receptical box. I cleaned them up and they worked fine. Also, the plugs that come with the cannons became corroded easily. I had to replace a few of them also.

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