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Sandy Creek week of 08/29

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:


Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp:






Total Hits:

Total Boated:

Species Breakdown:

Hot Lure: Whote Spinny/Green Hammer

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed: 2.1-2.6

Boat Depth: 80-110/200-300

Lure Depth: 50-90




This past week out of Sandy was very productive. Fishing east of the creek to cowsuckers. Early am and late eve working 80-110 ft. Many fish over 20 lbs with small steel mixed in. White spinny/green hamer fly taking 11 fish on 3 trips this week. Gator spinny/Siggs aqua lime pulse fly also taking decent kings. Sushi fly landing our largest of the week at 29 lbs. Late morning and early evening in 200-300 ft took some decent steel and smaller kings. Carmel dolphin spinny/fly and Stinger f'n wiggler working well in the deeper water. Sat am was busy with 4 fish over 20 lbs. One slammed a Stinger orange killer. Bent the @#%/& out of it. No derby winners but overall an excellent week. Here are some pics of the fish caught.




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Nicely done Lou! Your clients on Saturday seems tired and happy.

Nice to Jerry got to stretch his arms out on a good Sandy Creek fish last week.

I'm still shaking my head. NK 28 Baby Shower??? Not only do I not have any in the boat, but if I had seen it in a tackle shop.... I would've saved my money. LOL

See you on the water.

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