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Welcoming myself back

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I havent been around much due to real life. Just wanted to reintroduce myself to the forum.

1st I would like to thank everyone for the help they have given in the past, I know many are very secretive and rightly so, but also alot of you have been immensly helpful.

I am ericmic1, the guy with all the questions, lol. I am learning as I go and always looking for tips. I primarily try to target walleye, perch and bass although I do find some smaller musky and pike around.

Anyways, Wife allowed me to buy a cottage on Chautauqua, right near Happy Hooker, this august and we have been tooling around the south basin for teh past cpl of weeks trying to find fish. If you see me (red tracker targa) wave and feel free to either make fun of me or offer some tips! I am very familar with the northern basin and all the hot spots and have my own goto spots there, the south basin is somewhat of a mystery still.

So, thats it, Hope you all do well in the tournament this weekend and stay safe, weather looks like it should be pretty solid.



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Thanks Blue,

No tournament for me right now. I have never targeted musky before and do not believe i have the gear to safely fight/land/release one. I will say this...I was fishing the sunken island near smith-boys (bass) and had something huge grab my jig...rip line out and snap my 20lb 832 line with ease...this was last saturday. So there are monsters in this lake...I know it!

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