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"Extra" rod set-up - Suggestions Appreciated

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Hey all! I came across a spare 47lc accudepth in the garage this week while cleaning and waiting out the lousy weather. I knew it was there but as of yet it hasn't found its place in the ever growing arsenal. Looking for any possible suggestions as to where to mix it in. I currently have two rigger rods set up with 47's on 9' uglystix and a 47 set up with a heartland and 7 strand for divers. I'm thinking of looking at leadcore or copper but after looking over 15+ pages of info on here about the two I'm still not any further along in my decision making. I run Ontario in the spring for browns and again in the fall for the kings mainly because of boat size until money and home repairs allow :( The rest of the year I dedicate mainly to Seneca chasing the landlocks and lakers. Thanks in advance for your time.

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Lead core would work just fine but the 47's are a tad small to put all 10 colors on with plenty of backing for lake "O". If your going to go with a smaller core 5-7 color for the fingers the 47 would work fine.


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