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lookin for help in where to start out of sandy

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I fished fri morning was skunked stayed in shallow for a while then headed to 200 nothing went off did same sun fished inside marked alot caught nothing moved out to 450 and trolled to 600 was skunked againe wher should I go now? Also if I'm in 30 fow how far out should u let dipseys out ( bigger dipsys ) to get them down 20 the chart I have doesn't show for under 50 fow


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From a previous post on Sunday "so many variables.... speed, what you're towing, your line, etc. My VERY GENERAL rule of thumb - with 20lb wire at a 2.5 setting and a down speed of around 2mph (MOOR), I figure around a 3:1 ratio."

So very roughly, try running out 60 feet of wire and adjust from there.

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Yea I agree with above about depth. We were in 30 fow and I put dipsy out 90 and we got in a little shallow and tapped bottom. Go less than 3 to 1 in shallow but out deeper it is darn close. Last week I had it out 270 and it hit in just under 90 feet. That is on 3 setting. We only managed one steelie yesterday in about 80 fow. If I had bigger boat I would have run out to 300 and trolled north.

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Hey Bob, sounds like a big night out. I little Bed, Bath and Beyond..... LOL

I was out on Sunday night. The first big batch of kings that we were catching on the lake Labor Day weekend run up Sandy with all that cold water in close.

We ran out 450 FOW, and ran the the same program I run in Late May and early June for Steelies and immature Kings, worked 450-500. Steelie bite was very good, 20-45 down, 2.8-2.9 on the down speed.

Keep at it, you'll get into fish.

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Oh, yeah! Settled for steering one of those motorized carts around Home Depot - no bites though, go figure. Sounds like a few early runners hit all the normal choices and the piers are starting to land a few at night. We might make it out of IBay tomorrow night if the wind cooperates but I doubt if we'll run deep. Let you know how we do.

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