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Cayuga 9/10, 9/12


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launched out of long point on saturday in the morning. fished the west side in the 350' range. hooked several average size lakers and a couple small salmon just north of sheldrake. ended up running down to milliken and worked in around 220FOW. Lots of good size lakers on the screen down in the 70-90' range but couldnt get them to bite. Lots of weeds and debris down there.....ended up going back out in the afternoon with some family members for a boat ride on the north end. Went over to the west side to get out of the wind and started marking a ton of stuff so i put a few rods out. Ended up with a real nice rainbow, several salmon including a couple keeper size(released) and a couple nice lakers. All over a 2hr period in the evening. 75-90FOW, tons of bait. 48 and 62 down on the riggers, all spoons, 3 1/2" chicken wing stinger, green yeck, nothing on sliders, one hit on dipsy. Lots of marks on screen. Fished same area last night and went 7 for 9, mix of lakers and salmon, one tiny brown, one tiny rainbow and no fish over 2 lbs! does that still count as a grand slam?! things change so quickly, wonder if the full moon has anything to do with it. some of the small fish we did get were spitting up bait but the larger fish seemed to have vanished. best, mark


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Hey Mark, great post. Looks like the fishing is picking up all over. Carl and I were in Mexico on Sunday and had a good morning. Good luck and tell Muffler I said hi.

hey dave, i was up in mexico sunday too! its been real good the last couple weeks but sunday was tough. 1 for 3. let me know if you want to get out, owasco is picking up. easy, local trip.... later, mark

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