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Christmas Gifts

Yankee Troller

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Well, I got another pair of Crocs (http://shop.crocs.com/pc-15-4-beach.asp ... n=products) that match the new boat. These are so comfortable to wear and if they get wet on the boat the water drains out. I also got a Fish Hedz (http://www.fishhedz.net/thegear/mask-white.htm) for those 60+MPH runs in the new boat while its raining or cold. Other than that a few things for the new Laptop and a wallet. My GF got me the Chocolate phone and clothes. All in all pretty good!

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Guest ReelDiel

i must have been good this year....bionic blade rod w/ abu garcia d5 5600, 2 tekota 600lc, some weight balancer systems for my bass rods, quantum hot sauce and chatterbait kit!!!!

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Reeljerk, guess time will tell on your present. Will have to wait until September to find out if it was a $20,000 + gift or a $75 lump of coal! But I am sure you will have fun with it either way! I got my Simrad AP14, just have to work up the courage to install it!

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Got an early present from a friend that now lives in NC but used to fish the big O. 3 Eagle Claw down rigger rods and 2 dipsy rods :D all used but in very good shape. Dad pitched in with $200 towards my new top and side curtains next March. That was about it for fishing stuff.

My 7year old grandaughter made me a bird feeder at Home Depot, she put the nails in through the sides of the wood all by herself :D:D:D

And Mark saw that I bought a new rug too for the new house about the same price as the top would have been ;(

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1 pair of icefishing socks w/ a pouch in the toe-section for a warming pad

$75 in giftcards for Bass Pro, which equalled:

-(2) Dipsy Divers

-(1) 8" Green Snubber

-(3) Flies

-(4) Stinger Spoons

-(1) Pack Ladderbacks

-(2) NK Superglo Spoons

-(1) Night Stalker LED Light

-(2) Jr. T-sticks Madflash Stickbaits

-(1) Rapala X-Rap Stickbait

(Ok, so I went over the $75 by a little! ;) )

$25 Giftcard for Dicks

Del Mar Windmaster wristwatch that can also measure winds up to 130 mph. So when the waves are breaking over the bow, at least I will be able to tell how strong the winds are pushing those waves!! :P

Have a great holiday everyone and see ya on the water in a few months!!

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I scored an XM satellite radio receiver and 6 month subcription for my Sony stereo in my Lund so I can listen to lots of different stuff while I'm walleye trolling. The other great gift I got was the brand new In-Fisherman cookbook from chef Lucia Watson that is chocked full of great recipes for freshwater fish along with some good tips on cleaning and storing your catch. I learned a lot already and last night I made a killer walleye chowder recipe from the book that was outstanding and very easy to make.

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The IPOD is Black with a red dial and LCD screen...This thing smokes....I up loaded about 200 pictures to it,700 tunes and a few videos and still have 20+ gigs left,I attached music to the picture slide show hooked up an AV cable to the TV and watched. I am amazed that something so small can do all this and more.


Nice to bump into you @ The Home Depot. That rug looked heavy!!!

Congrats on the new house you had built!!!! NEED A/C??? :lol: or maybe a 4 years service contract??? :lol:



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Santa was good to me this christmas:

A new radio for the boat,

two new sealine 47 and heartland rigger rods.

New fireline for the spining rods and power pro for the other rods.

hooks, swivels, and more dipsys...

The wife got a new dining room set.....For that money I could have made a nice down payment on Billy V's penn yan... :(

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She got to pick it out herself and absolutely loves it,

Heritage Furniture on Ridge Road in Spencerport hand made it out of solid cherry, in a queen ann style. It is wonderful dining room set but I wonder if it will float and if she will let me mount riggers on it....

I am not allowed in the dining room anymore, she won't let anyone near it...

As soon as I win the lottery i am coming for your penn yan....

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What good is a kitchen table that you can't fix reels at? :shock:

And you guys got this Chrismas shopping all wrong. One for the wife one for me, one for the daughter one for me , one for the son one for me. :lol:

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