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Sandy Creek-Stuffed Steelies

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Jolly II




Date(s): 9-11-11

Time on Water: 1:30


Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp:






Total Hits: 10

Total Boated: 7

Species Breakdown: Steelies and Chinooks

Hot Lure: Steelie Stomper

Down Speed: 2.8-2.9

Trolling Speed:

Boat Depth:450-500

Lure Depth: 20-45




Just a quick Sandy Creek report. Headed out deep on Sunday afternoon to the 450 FOW mark. Not the greatest screen in the world, but fish were shallow and we were marking scattered schools of bait. Fished 20-45 down, the hot ticket for us was a 6 color core pulling a steelie stomper. The runner up was a white spinny pulling a hammer fly, a combo that has been producing for us the last couple of trips. We saw several fish swirl at the surface.

Now for the stuffed steelie part. When I started cleaning fish I checked the stomachs, as I usually do, and these fish were absolutely stuffed full of 3 year classes of Alewives. Big 7-8 inch adults we've been seeing all summer, as well as 2-4 inch yearlings, and handfuls of young of the year that were 1-1.5 inches. A couple of these fish had well over 30 young of the year alewives, as well as 5-10 yearlings and adults stuffed in there with them.

I don't post too much on here but thought I'd share that observation with you guys. It's always good to see schools of alewives on the sonar, but even better when you know that it represents several year classes.

It's been one great season, and now it's coming to close. Already looking forward to next season.


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