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Fishing Report

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Time on Water:


Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp:






Total Hits:

Total Boated:

Species Breakdown:

Hot Lure:

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed:

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fished in front of the salmon river this morning. tough day, didnt even have a release. lots of marks on the screen but couldnt get them to go. sounded like the same for most on the radio as well. heard of two fish caught in 40FOW and didnt see any fish hooked up. marked most fish in 40-50FOW. tried everything, j-plugs,flasher/fly,stickbait,spoons... hope they turn on soon. best, mark

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We had a similar day there to, but we were out on the Big O, enjoying nice day, that's what counts the most.

Other then that, I missed having my son Zach on board, he had to work. The first time without him. Hoping to got out one more time this season.

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fishing was terrible we had one hit on a copper line with a watermelon stinger. Threw everything but the kitchen sink at them, fished from 80-15 fow bottom, top, middle, with J-plugs, spoons hot-shots, flasher flies, meat rigs, and some stick baits. The worst part was seeing all the fish launchin out of the water just before dark and not being able to get a hit. oh well guess we'll be ready to do some river fishing and to catch some browns in the spring. PeltHunter

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Can't fish right now as I twisted my hip climbing out of the boat, 9/8, and pinched the siatic nerve. WOW!!!!!!!!! THAT F*%^ING HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is getting better, glad to say.

Bow season is near anyway.

But we'd tip the J's with a liitle meat, and flatline them 100-125 out, or on 2-3 colors of lead off the boards, or if you have outriggers, give that a try.

When they start porposing, it is mighty tough.

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