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canandaigua 9-18-11


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Launched at Woodville about 7:00am. Fog was fairly thick so we didn't go much over 5 mph as we headed out. Discovered that the humming bird froze

up before it came on fully! I was glad that I had brought the x15 as a backup

as I always do. Fired it up and it was working just fine. It kept on working as we got our rods set up and then its belt broke! I tried the hummingbird again and it started working. Also the fog started lifting. Stayed on the west side and didn't move a rod until 9:00 am. Ended up going 4 for 8 with 3 Lt

and one 24" RT . SD & flies had 3 hits and mixed spoons had the other 5 hits. 100fow to 180fow was the depth we covered. Quit at noon.

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