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Seneca 9/22/11


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Went out about 1:30, launched in the canal. let down at 86 feet of water. 3 leader rig down to 70 feet landed 8 land locks from 3 - 6 lbs. lost 2 that my rig could not handle.

had a BIG!! one up to the boat, and he went wild and snapped my 12lb leader like it was nothing. had one other on but he tore through my entire rig and busted everything!

Storm hit and i got off. Now having a beer at home, and trying to rebuild my gear. Great day!!

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Yes I was using an old style seth green rig. it was the one that was kept for anyone who had time to go fishing at the lake. ( Keuka )

I lived on the lake during the summer with my Grandfather. Its an old penn 209 with the level wind removed, very old Dacron backing line, 30lb mainline with bead chain

every 20ft. the mainline length was 80ft. a3ft piece at the end to a swivel snap for the 32oz lead. the rod is an old Olympic 8060 worm-spinning rod with the tip broken off.

The leaders are 8-12lb 15-18ft mono what ever we had. Sutton spoons.

I want to get a new setup, but i have not found anything to use. the old one is sensitive enough to show small Lakers dragging, strong enough to haul salmon.

sorry for not answering sooner, but like looking for a new rig, I was fishing!

Dick B.

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