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9-25 Sandy Creek kayak trolling for staging salmon

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I put a J-plug on my trolling rod and a spoon on my spinning rod and trolled in my kayak early this morning at the mouth of Sandy Creek from about 6 to 20 FOW.

I hooked into two line screaming male salmon, first on the spoon then a while later on the J-plug.

The first one was the biggest but I lost him on my second attempt to net him. I guess using a single circle hook was a bad idea. That fish was towing me toward Canada at 2.5 mph according to my GPS.

Later, I managed to land the salmon that ate my J-plug. He weighed in at 20 lbs and measured 37" long. After the early morning bite slowed down, I checked out deeper water but didn't find anything hungry out to 100 FOW. The wind picked up and sent me and my kayaking buddies back to shore.


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