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Leadcore for Muskies

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i was just wondering if my leadcore rigs that i have for trout and salmon would work for fall muskies. they are okuma 8'6" MH with 10 color leadcore, 27 pound test with about 200-250 ft of backing. also i have the same rods with 20 pound big game on them for my downriggers, would that work or should i put on 30 pound test line on. i will be using these for my downriggers plus on boards. i just put new 20 pound big game on them like 5 days ago and dont really want to change them to 30 pound but if you guys think its a better idea i will do it. usually i just use the same rods i cast with for my trolling rods but this year my cuz and uncle are joining me and my dad so i want to add a few more lines. i would really appreciate the help! thanks

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I would go heavier on the line. 30 lb mono and 60 lb lead core ( that's the strongest LC line Mason makes). Its for the safety of the fish as well as your success...Unless you're using a really limber dipsy rod the lower lb test has a pretty good chance of breaking off on a fish of any size and would likely be a death sentence for the fish- Esp that 20 lb mono.

Also make sure you have the proper release tools and big enough net or cradle. Good luck out there!

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