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Chautauqua 10-9

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Well, the new cottage is proving interesting and fun. Been catching Eyes pretty much every night. In the same spot (all within 100 yards of each other).

Was perching yesterday using my ultralight, 4lb mono and a little jig, Thought I was stuck on weeds or a rock then my line started moving left and right. Fought for a short time and was able to convince this guy to visit the boat. Battle (wasnt much of a battle...he did whatever he wanted) lasted about 10 minutes, raised him 3 times, he went on 1 longer run and i was able to coax him back to the boat slowly. Was easily the largest freshwater fish I ever caught (previous record was a 33" Northern).

He was hooked in the corner of him mouth and released safely


BTW, In reference to the hat I am a Bills fan 1st and eagle fan 2nd.

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Way to go. I just got back home from there, and couldn't get any of those toothy critters to bite. :( No eyes either, but a ton of dink perch and some smallies and gills kept the rods moving all weekend to keep the kids happy. I hadn't been down in 3 years, so it was fun just to be there again. We stayed at Yerkeys, and mainly fished outside the weedline between the bell tower and we wan chu. Gongrats on the ski!!!!

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We were up for the weekend too. Stayed at Wewanchu. Very surprised they weren't busier...

Were up for perch, as we nailed them last October. Not many keeper size, lots of small ones and sunnies too. Kept my son happy, though.

(Probably should have fished Erie :) heard they whacked the perch this weekend).


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