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Cuban fishing trip was a complete surprise and when I was told that we were to spend the third week of January fishing there I was stoked. The experience far surpassed my expectations. As a fly fisher who lives in the mountains north of Montreal Canada I felt totally at home in what is really a Caribbean wilderness. Hunting for bonefish and permit on the vast flats surrounding the archipelago was as magical as it was amazing.

I had heard that bones spook easily, actually they do not stand a chance when stalked by our guide George. We could see the fish, but only after he had smelled them I am sure. George put us on fish after fish and was relentless in his enthusiasm to do so. Whether it was from the deck of the flats boat or wading pristine white sand in the middle of nowhere...the only other living thins we saw besides fish were sea birds,.... (and iguanas who were very willing to share our lunch.) we were given the opportunity to hook up with some very strong fish.


On my third cast i was into a 6 lb. bonefish and it only got better!!Although I missed my chances on a number of shots at permit I am inspired and determined to return to "dance" with those incredible fish. They won't be so lucky next time!! I have grand slam fever, and it feels good.

Mauro Ginevri was a most gracious and knowledgeable host who willingly shared the secrets of fly fishing in Cuba. He is a true master of hospitality and the art of fly fishing, and the facilities and boats were exceptional

As all of your guests on Cayo Largo we stayed at the Sol Cayo Largo hotel.

Like anywhere else I have visited on the planet, the people make the difference.. even in paradise,... and that is where the Cuban people shine, I hold a heartfelt admiration and kind-ship with them.

Thanks Avalon!!!!

Good angling,

EDIT: Please don't hijack a thread with a post that's irrevelent to the original post. I moved your post to a seperate topic -mb

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Amazing. The trip is on my bucket list but my government will not let me go - still. Maybe someday...

Mortigan, All you have to do is fly there from Toronto. American citizens visiting Cuba never get a stamp in their passports,lol technically you have never left Canada.

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Yeah - "Por favor, no estampe mi pasaporte" I've read they stopped stamping in general but that the US started cracking down the last couple years and I can't afford the chance of a $1500 fine. It was different when I was younger & single - did the DR, couple northern Canadian bear trips, England, Ireland, Scotland...

I should have gone in the eighties when I was knocking around the Dominican Republic.

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