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Future Charterboat Captain


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Name: Russ

Location: ?

Home Port: ?

Boat Name/Type: ?

I fish for: Brown Trout, Chinook, Coho, Steelhead, Lake Trout, Atlantic Salmon


I'm a 61 year old working stiff who has less than a year (hopefully) to go to retirement. Currently live in Greensburg, PA. Have fished the Lake Erie tribs alot, the Lake Ontario Tribs, a little bit but have always had my best times on charter boats between Pultneyville and Pulaski. Don't yet own a boat, at least not a bigun. Don't know where I'll end up but probably in early 2013 I'll buy a property somewhere in that area and hopefully set up shop. In the meantime, I'm sorta learning the ropes with a fishing buddy and his boat on Lake Erie and beginning to study up on getting a charterboat license.

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