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rebel jerry

blue waters

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i have just found this forum and thought it might be a good way to hook back up with some of my ontario friends...

this is sad news to come home to...i am very sorry for your loss jerry...i hope you and your family find peace in your fond memories to celebrate her life...any woman who bore you has to be a special kind of person...

tom viele

7 year itch

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Thanks to ALL of you on here and to all the texts/phone messages/cards & visits etc. It REALLY means alot to people who go threw this (as most of you have ). BUT to a person like myself who tends to "humor" his way threw different situations. IT COULD NOT BE DONE this time, as we had a full week of Hospice w/no treatments or drugs for mom. Plus having my 6 year old daughter asking the most innocent/DIRECT questions lately was annother non-humorus task for me & my wife.

THANKS AGAIN for the thoughts & prayers.

PS: It is kind of was funny that my mom passed away the SAME DAY as Col. Momar Khadafi did, as Mom was a stern/no crap taking 100% GERMAN lady. That would make for an ugly "waiting room" that day i would bet.

Thanks Jerry-Kristen-Morgan

and my mom was also Chad's(Blue Eye) Grandma & Larry (Chad's dad- my Rebel Charter Partner) MOTHER-IN LAW.

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