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Vacation on Henderson Harbor


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Got back yesterday from summer vacation with the family, very nice place to stay for a week. Managed to get in a morning outing in the Trench on Tuesday - landed one 15lb. king on a white e-chip, green glow fly and had one other rip on a green e-chip/green fly (both wire divers #2 out 180/220.) My brother-in-law's first king, if I could convince him to move up here from Delaware I think he'd be hooked. Marked a fair amount of fish and some bait but that was about it, guys at Henchen Marina said it was slow for the kings, lots of lakers and a few browns. Hit a submerged obstruction in the Westcott Beach launch area on Thursday - prop out of service for the rest of the week :evil: :evil: .

Did a lot of panfishing with my daughters, the eldest (5 yrs) is now pretty much self-sufficient - baits the hook, casts, hooks, lands, removes the hook and throws back. Considering this time last year she wouldn't touch a worm or a fish I'm pretty happy. The other one (almost 3 yrs.) is getting there.

Thanks to Rich D. and Big_Fishman for some local insight. Had I not had "boat issues" we probably would have gotten in a few more fishing trips. The sunsets were pretty nice too! DAN

(The girls getting the boat ready)





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