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Some recent random walleye pics!

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I'm still out about 4 nights a week with the Lund after work doing some trolling. Walleyes are still biting really well with surface temps hovering right around 40 here on the lakes in upstate eastern NY. No monsters but plenty of nice fish up to about 24" which is a good fish around here. I usually troll for about 2 to 3 hours and average one fish per hour at night. Next year I am determined to go and fish Quinte where the small ones are bigger than the biggest ones here :o


Took my buddy Jack out one night and got him into a couple.


Since I usually always fish alone I have become the master of the "self timer" on the bow :lol:



I love those Tiger Roan Floating Supers and so do the walleyes!




We have one lake here that offers a nice mixed bag of slabs and smaller eyes which is about the best tasting combo I know of!


Probably heading back out tomorrow night for some more until we get some ice to fish on if that ever happens :shock:

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Thanks guys. I live just north of Albany and I'm fishing a couple different lakes and reservoirs in the Saratoga area. Usually by now we're icefishing in the Adirondacks which is close by but not this year, at least not yet.

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Thanks for posting the pictures.Its good to see someone doing something in Albany . Hee Hee.

Your welcome and yes, sometimes Albany is a place where not much gets done :lol: I'm originally from Endwell NY and grew up fishing Cayuga and Whitney Point.

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