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Fair Haven 8/9-8/11

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Fished out Fair Haven for the first time this year. We went 7 for 7 on thurs. Two on riggers 80 over 180 FOW with a spoons. and the other 5 on wire dipseys with White spin doctors and the hammer fly. Wire any where from 285 to 330 in 180 to 240 FOW.

Friday we ended up 5 for 10. All on wire, same setup and FOW as the day before but we struggled keeping the hooks set.

Saturday we had to work hard for them. We ended up 2 for 6. Again all wire but we worked the 200 to 280 FOW. Bottom line the wire dominated for us. The copper rod never fired. Also a big thanks to Billy V and Emtystringer for all their help to us.

We will be back in a few weeks to try it again with a few more wire rods.

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