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West side Outboard Mechanic, Recommendations

Jolly II

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Hey guys!

I live out in Bergen and wondering if any of you guys have any recommendations for a good outboard mechanic on the west side of Rochester to Oak Orchard area.

I've got a 20 year old 4 cycle 9.9 Honda. I had trouble running it at trolling speeds this past season, and totally switched to trolling on the main after if quit running trying to gain on a big fish. I did try a few things myself but they didn't seem to help much. It's always ran like a champ up to this season, and would like to have it back up to 100% before March Brownie fishing starts, and help save on gas with the big rig.

Thanks in advance.


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Just and update.

I took my outboard to Tom Barbera at East Fork Marine on Sandy Creek to get it running like a top. A+++ Tom did a thorough job, and got my outboard running like a top.

He's got a customer for life. Thanks for his info guys.

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i recommend not to go to ras outboard boat came back with other broken peices from repairing throtlle cable and greasy finger prints all over new vynal bolsters

Not the most friendly guy to deal with based on my experience.

I'm pretty sure RAS is out of business now - for sale sign on the property.

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