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Lost Deck Cargo found in Lake Ontario-Identified - See Video


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Being a P.A.D.I. Divemaster since the early '70's, I really enjoyed the video Jim. Nice job on finding and filming your discovery. I can't fit into my wet suit anymore :lol: so it brought back a lot of good memories of the guys I used to dive with. Looking forward to seeing more videos of your exploits, nice job!!! :yes:

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Looks good. :yes:

What is that stuff floating in the water?

And what is on the equipment? Too deep for zebra mussel.

Cliff, not zeebs, but their slightly larger invasive cousins, quagga mussels are blanketing the bottom out that deep.


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Thanks for posting the shipwreck story, interesting.


Quagga mussels at almost 500 ft. Got to be 39 degrees.

Are they all over the bottom?

This isn't from Lake Ontario but all of the Great Lakes are mostly the same. If Lake Erie wasn't dumping it's water into L O the fishing would likely be toast. Lake Michigan is as deep as Lake Ontario.

http://www.lakescientist.com/2011/quagg ... system-112

Clear water is usually a welcome phenomenon; however, the 950 trillion quagga mussels are making Lake Michigan too clear to support aquatic life, especially for salmon and the other fish they consume.

Fahnsteil and others consider quagga mussels to be the most detrimental of the 186 invasive species that occupy the Great Lakes. The mussels’ eating behavior wreaks havoc on the aquatic food chain at every level.

http://www.mlive.com/outdoors/index.ssf ... on_ti.html

Edit(forgot to add): There are about 500 million pounds of quagga mussels in Lake Michigan. That’s four times the weight of all prey fish species combined, according to Nalepa.

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Thanks for the congrats everyone.

We have seen quagga mussels in depths as much as 600 ft. The quagga mussels are found in deeper depths and the zebra mussels in the shallower depths.

We have not seen hardly any fish in Lake Ontario on shipwrecks in depths much over 150 ft. And beyond 300 ft, I don't recall seeing any fish life. The temperature is around 39 degrees at those depths.

The company that lost the deck cargo was dissolved in 1993. A friend in the marine salvage business in Chicago told me that this was not the only deck cargo this company had lost in the Great Lakes while they were in business!! Jim

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Great to have you on this forum. Although it's mainly all about it's Salmon, I have had a lifelong love affair with every aspect of Lake Ontario ever since laying eyes on it as a 4yr old. Used to sit on the dock of my grandfathers cottage at Wautoma beach and be mesmerized by all the twirling alewives. He showed me a map of all the Lake Ontario shipwrecks. It showed that the area of your recent discovery and east to 30 mile point is strewn with shipwrecks.

We as anglers know that area, particularly in deeper water can be extremely volatile during a blow as several currents collide in this area. Perhaps this has contributed to the many mishaps.

Congrats and kudos on your extremely interesting work.

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