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Quinte Nov 11 Fishing & Nov 12 Derby

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With a fishing derby set for Saturday the 12th, Laker John and I felt we should do some 'pre-fishing' on Friday the 11th. We launched at Shermans and headed to Long Reach to see if we could find some fish.We set the rods at 0915 and began a troll northward. At 0955, one of the boards fired and I was into a BIG fish. How can you tell a big fish????? The planer board was under water for over 45 feet as I slowly reeled it in. Finally the board reappeared and the fish came to the surface. Laker John manned the net and this fish was ours.

It's a big fish for sure.


The fish tipped the scales at 12.25 lbs and now I have my doubts about its reading.

The fish had spun in the net and I was starting to unhook it, when the other board fired at 1005 and John was into a fish. Unhooked the lure from the swivel and he brough the fish into the net. It was a nice 22" fish, quite suitable for the table and the fish was dispatched.

We continued fishing up and down and thru the westerly winds gusting and making the troll difficult. We fished until 1430when the winds really blew and we headed back to launch. We had funny feeling about that big fish. Last year, we caught fish that would have almost won the derby, BUT we were a day early - would this be our fate for 2011????

7th Annual Live Release Fall Classic Walleye Derby ( In Support of University Hospital Foundation Kingston - Kingston General Hospital(Kids at Christmas)

Up for breakfast a way before sunup, we headed to the Derby HQ for the livewell check at 0530.... Organizer Les ok'd us and we were off to launch the bat. It was so DARK- "How dark was it?" We couldn't launch the boat until 0620, the clouds were covering the sunrise and our ramp is unpredictable. We were fishing by 0645 and it was easier to see with some sun coming thru.

The winds were blowing out of the west and south-west and we had trouble finding some lee to fish. We made a long troll downwind with much difficulty maintaining a constant speed. Headed back upwind, it was easier to keep our speed and a 0800 when the sun began to shine on the water, the board fired and I was hooked up.

Trolling into the wind with a couple boards, the gusts and manning nets took a skillful turn with Laker John handling the duties in great fashion. He slipped the net under the fish and the fish scaled at 7lbs. We had a fish in the well for the derby, now we needed a second to round it out.

Here's the fish


We were very happy to have the one, changing the lures to match the killer lure, I began to set the line again. I hadn't let 25 feet of line and the other board fired at 0815. Laker John was into a fish, I reeled the line in and we cut the power and drifted. John skillfully brought the fish in and it was pulling HARD. The fish came to the surface and I slide the net under her and she was ours - a real monster.

Unhooking the fish - she tipped the scales at 12 lbs.... That would be Good entry for the derby. We were both elated with our good fortune, two fish in 20 minutes... Resetting the rods, we continued into the wind and as we approached the waves, we made a quick turn. The Port side board lay flat in the water and finally it began to pull the rod. Wait a second that board is going backward, better check it.

John took the board off and there was tension on the line. He netted a nice 22" fish that would grace the table. That fish was dispatched and we trolled downwind. On the up wind troll we could see the winds picking up and we decided that we would take the fish to the weigh-in.

As we turned into the wind, we could the large waves crashing on the south shore. We motored very cautiously into the wind and the trip took almost 45 minutes to get to the ramp. We hit the shore and god my fish to the scale - it tipped out at 7.96 lbs - That's more than my Rapala Scale indicated.

I called to the weigh people after I released my fish and it swam away for a good release, that we need their weigh basket again. John placed the fish in the basket and the Weigh-Master said "Holy Cow or words to that effect"

Johns fish tipped the scales at 13.36 lbs. Now we were really happy, It was in the lead, although we had entered the only fish at that point.


The fish swam away and it was a good release.

We headed back to Camp and our launch with a very good feeling about the two days of fishing. We put the boat on the trailer and cleaned the boat of our gear and had a toast to the Fish Gods.

We headed to the ceremonies and scuttlebutt talk at the Derby HQ, nice to see familar faces although names are hard to remember.

Organizer Les Corbay began at 1335, thanking the many sponsors and the assisting crew for the food and prizes. Then he announced the winner - Laker John.....................................


There weren't many fish entered, even though there were over 80 registered for the Derby. Fortunately, my fish took fifth place. The same as last year.


Sincere congratulations to Les and his crew for a wonderful derby with great Moose Chili and GREAT prizes, everybody's a winner in this Derby.

We've got our plans set for next year at the same time, perhaps the winds will abate next year as they were as harsh and creating four foot waves in Hay Bay - That's plenty rough.

Once again nice to see everyone supporting this fund raiser and we look forward to 2012.

Stay Tuned

David aka Superdad

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Great job ....beautiful fish...I hope the fishing is good the last weekend of this month!! Myself and icedd are heading up there for some of those monster eye's. We went up last year for the first time , and had a ball.We just missed winning first place in the derby sponsered by Kevin ? from Merland Park in Picton, we took second place money with an 11 1/2 pound eye that was 32"! A truly amazing fishery, but the weather can be brutal , as you know !!! If your gonna be up there ,give us a shout, would like to talk with ya's and compare notes. Again, great job....choo-choo steve

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Thanks Musky Bob...hopefully there will be some pictures.... you never know...we only have 2 1/2 days to fish again ,and the weather can mess things up and those walleyes can be real finicky, as you know ....would love to get one like Laker John and Superdad !!!!....................steve

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