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Bay of Quinte pics last fall

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Very nice. I added a few. Seems slow than I would like hear up there.

11lb released.


Dink 7lb released


Dink 7lb released.

Gavin with a 10lber


Boys 12lb released


Boys 14.6 released


Boys 8lber released


Smaller fish released......to the grease....and Krenzys


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Mark....some real beauties.....Were they caught in Oct. or Nov.?? Just curious, I would like to make more than 1 trip up there next year.

Glen , thanks....you should head up there and get you some.....the foul weather won't bother you...I saw your early season , windy, freezing, snowy, icy, Lake O Brown Trout posts !!! You the man!!!Awesome!!!

Man , I can icefish all day in foul, windy, snowy, teens to upper- twenty temps, with no shanty, and stay comfy....but out in the boat, in those same conditions can be tough!! You can't move around , and stay as active and warm in the boat, like you can ice-fishing.

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