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They really work well. My favorite was the white killer combo caught 90% of my fish. And I don't care if anything is spelled right Im smart enough to figure out what you meant I know those buttons are way to small.

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Check out the Attomik website, especially the section where he has already made combos for sale.Most if not all of these combos were field tested at one time or another.

Some of the all time studs include a white spinny with a hammer fly. A green e-chip with a green glow fly. These two will make it into my program or begin as starters. Everyday can and sometimes is different on the lake and it helps to have an assortment of attractor flies to run. If you experiment enough based upon a program with studs in it, you will most likely come up with a few killer item combos of your own.

Good luck on the lake.

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