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Copper rigs tend to be pretty long , so I would try to get a reel with a quick retrieve . I have a Shimano Tekota 800lc .

Every turn brings in 33" of line and it has a sweet drag.

I run a 300' copper and add dive bombers when I what to go deeper . This way I don't have to deal with so much line when I catch a fish. (100' copper = 22' depth + 1oz of diver bomber = 8' appox ) I figure 300' copper and a 4 oz diver bomber is down around 90'.

Good Luck !


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If you don't need a line counter, then the Clarion 553LS is an awesome copper reel. Super high speed, and big enough to use as a 300, 400 or even a 500. (Use Powerpro for backing, not Mono.)

If you want more versatility, then a Shimano Tekota 800LC with the line counter will allow you to run different lengths with the ability to do precision resets when you find the depth that's working.

I have them both and they are both great reels and definitely worth the money.


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