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upper seal and kicker motor

Pj Weber

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I have a 23' Baha and have had quite a bit of work to it recently and budget is running a little thin. I found out when I had it winterized the upper seal is leaking. Had them leave the lower end off because I could not afford this fix at the time but was wondering if I can do this one myself. How tough is it to replace upper seal in a Mercruiser inboard/outboard? The other question I have is my 2003 20hp Honda kicker motor is running at a very high idle and my mechanic is telling me he does not know why. I replaced carberator with a brand new one because before it would not stay running and he told me it was an enrichment valve but that would need to be back ordered due to the Japan troubles this past summer so I had carb replaced because I was told it would be quicker. Now I have the Idle problem anyone have any suggestions for this problem?

Thanks PJ

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