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fish cakes

Guest chum bucket

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Guest chum bucket

Check this out,

take one of those hefty ol salmon you caught, bake it, broil it, barbecue it, just plain cook it any way you like. Me, I like to cook it on the grill in tin foil while it's swimmin in Garlicious marinade.

Now when it's done, mash it all up as if you where making a tuna fish salad. this is the time to add the diced celery, onion garlic, and what ever herbs you desire. Do not cook these before adding!

Crack open an egg or two, depending on the amount of fish you are preparing, mix in Italian bread crumbs untill you are able to make patties

that will hold together.

Cook in hot oil till golden brown, sit back and wait for the applause.

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I've been using this recipie with the browns we've been catching.

My daughter, who is really "picky" loves it, and the rest of us do, too.

We top the cakes, or "fish-burgers" with home-made tartar sauce.


Next round of these, I may try some bacon-bits in it.

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