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Merry Chistmas to Stanley Steamer in the hosptal


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Fellow LOU members,

If you don't Know allready, Erabbit's Brother & Fishing partner has been fighting for his life for the past 4 wks. He is still in critical condition in ICU at Robert Packer hospital and is fighting to improve every day. Please join me in wishing him a Merry Christmas.




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Hey Mr.Steamer, Ya done put in long hours with Yer Brother,I'm shure ya done got some great stories (I'm just guessin :lol: )....So while ya got the protection of the nurses give us the real scoop on some of Ed's tangles :rofl: ...........

Get well soon and Merry Christmas tho the Merry part might be a little tuff to find ......................................Unless ya got some hot nurses.. :lol:

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Please keep up fighting and egging your brother on in every way you can. I have a brother who is also fighting to recover from a very bad health situation, and I do that for him. Belated Christmas Greetings, and always work for a much happier Happy New Year!!!!

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