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Am I asking for interference?


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Going to be re-vamping my electronics this winter on my Crestliner.

I plan to run a Lowrance lcx-15 as my sonar and a Eagle 642c iGPS or 502c iGPS as my chartplotter and back up sonar. As it stands,they both will have 200khz transducers (will be mounted approx. 3 feet apart) and will be wired to run off the same battery.

So should I be expecting one to interfere with the other? I dont plan to have the Eagle in sonar mode, but the transducer and power cable for that unit are one.

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I run the same set up for the same reason......that is....two different units.

I do have both transducers mounted but not operating. You will not be able to mount them fara enough apart becasuse the cones will overlap with each other.

The transducers will interfere with each other if they are op-operating at the same time. I simply do not connect the lead for the unit I use as a GPS.

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Buy the 50/200 kz transducer for the Lowrance and run it on 50 and the eagle on 200. Tilt one transducer back so you can see your downrigger weights at all times. You can put your rigger weights just above the fish. If you have both on seperate frequencies you will not have any interference.

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