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The Alabama Rig


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My buddy uses them for bass. It might work on Lake O for trout and salmon. I would worry about the hardware holding up to the stress of a big king. Another worry would be the other lures hooking the fish outside the mouth and making them fight sideways. Ever hook a king on a stickbait and it has one hook in the mouth and onither in it's gill plate? Makes a small king fight like a 40 lber.

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Commonly referred to as an Umbrella rig, Or a castable U rig. been using them for stripers for years. A big salmon won't pull any harder than a big striped bass. I have one with shiny chrome spoons.The manufacture used large brass swivels.. The spoons turned so much they ate away the swivels. SO if you plan on attaching spoons make sure you use a high quality ball bearing swivel on each spoon. On most of them the front baits have no hooks and one bait trailing a few inches behind has the hook. Simulates a school of bate and one slow/injured fish behind.

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A typical u rig pulls pretty hard. I typically run mine down the chute for stripers/wipers.

I am not sure how most states are ruling on the number of hooks deal. I do not take any chances in Indiana I only run at most two lures with hooks.. The others are just swimbaits,or chrome spoons without any hooks.

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FYI, found this on line -BBC boards.

It's only TWO baits per line on Champlain, so even the 3 hook alabama rig is illegal.


Our club emailed the DEC and verified the 5 hook A-rig is legal in NY. Here was the repsonse.

I have been asked to provide you with an official ruling of the Alabama Rig. As it turns out, this seams to be a popular question these days thanks to Paul Elias' tournament victory.

The Alabama Rig can be used in New York waters provided that no more than 5 lures or baits are used per line and the number of hook points shall not exceed 15. Some waters have special regulations that restrict the number of hook points to a single hook point and regulate the method of attaching a hook to an artificial lure. Obviously, those special regulations must be followed on waters where they exist.

I should also mention that it is now legal to use 3 lines to angle in freshwater. The definition of angling in the Environmental Law was changed to allow 3 lines in freshwater after the current fishing regulations guide was in print.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Gregory Edward Kozlowski

Fisheries Outreach Coordinator


625 Broadway

Albany, NY 12233


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