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vintage spoon


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That is a lure from a company in Colorado called (I think) EGB. I have a bunch of them and for some stupid reason, I haven't been using them lately on the late spring Coho/Rainbow bite. They used to put a ton of fish in the boat. I ran them with small dipsey's and jet divers off the boards. They don't have any crazy bright colors, but they caught a ton of Coho's. The wobble they have is awesome. I first found them about 15 years ago in Old Forge. After catching fish on them, I called the company and ordered a bunch more. I'm so glad I never sold them off.

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Thanks for the info...I didn't know you could still get them.

When I was a kid, I used to catch a lot of nice trout in the local creek

using the smaller versions of the EGB...when I happened to see

the pic of the EBG Blinker online the other day, it brought back some good memories.

They have such good action because of their weight...they certainly aren't

stingy with the heavy gauge metal, and the built-in swivel is a nice

feature that also adds to their movement. Essentially, they're very well-crafted lures.

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