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Rochester Yankee Report 8/19

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Set lines around 6am and fished till 1:30ish. We ended the day 15 for 21 with only two of those fish being something other than a King. We tossed back a 9lb rainbow and weighed in an 11ln Laker. Big guy of the day as an ounce shy of 25lbs which took a white chip and a white ATOMIK fly off the 500 copper. Green and white were the colors today. Any fly with green in it worked. Only two spoon bites (Froggy Super Slim and a Mullato Spook 28) and that was first thing in the morning. Our hot paddle while the sun was still tucked away was the Slippery Frog Spin Doctor with a mirage fly. Amazingly enough the Hammer fly didn't produce more than one hit today! Wires were out 300-325 on a 1 setting, coppers were 500 and 600 feet, riggers 100-140 down. 200-300 was the best area we found.

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Thanks Yankee for a great fishing trip. My buddy came as in a rookie and came out as a king junkie. He tells me that he wants to go out again soon.

The copper experience was interesting. It was fun to watch someone reel in brute king as he swore over at least 600 feet of lines, or two football fields as I called it.

Fly, Fly, Fly is the lesson of the day. Kings love em and cant resist em as much as we want to catch them.

tight lines.

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You know Pike Hunter.....the copper usually will always take the big fish of the day, and it will prodeuce later in the day when the riggers and wires slow down. Its just one more tool that you can have to put fish in the boat. There hasnt been a day that I have ran it and not taken the biggest fish of the day on it.

Salmonite....next time introduce yourself!

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