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Sunday I-Bay Report

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Fished from 6:30-1pm, generally 160-220'. Ended up with 8 kings, a laker and dumped a few other kings. Biggest was a little over 24, a few others were 19-21lbs and a couple 14lb jacks. Temps were all over the place, 110' down was 44-62 degrees dependent upon troll direction and water depth, heavy currents made a westerly troll pretty much futile. Rigger bites were 85-110', 280' on the wire #2, Blackjack Spinnie with a Kryptonite Fly was smokin' most of the morning, before the fish found the rigger spoons a little more inviting.

Will be back at it on Friday and Saturday this week again.

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Way to go Upgrady! The lake has been very generous today! Went with Yankee Troller and got 15 out of 21. Mostly kings, 9 lb steelhead, 11 lb laker. King the biggest nearly 25 lbs.

Plan to head out this week. With the things I learned from LOU members, I hope I ll find the Kings to put up on the board.

Good luck with the derby!

Tight lines.

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Sounds like it was well worth your money to get out and see some things firsthand. It's tough to convey all of the small things that you just do out there as second nature... it just comes from experience, but seeing things firsthand hopefully opened your eyes to a few things and you'll keep learning more and more from your own successes and failures too.

Great day!

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"learn from successes and failures'...I got the failures covered after a miserable day. The only thing worse than not catching fish is not catching fish when everyone else is! One of those days where you start to convince yourself that the boat is throwing an electrical charge.

Hans...just to make things worse I blew my only hook up of the day when the knot at the swivel gave out! Thanks for all your help..good teach, lousy student.

I have to find out what I am doing wrong with flies. Despite everything I have read about them I just do not have success with them.

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