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My trip to St. Paul Alaska (pic heavy)

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This past week or so I've had the privilege to hunt with Captains Moe Neale and Jeff Wasley of Alaskan Eider Outfitters...I am practically speechless as to the experience I had...The hunting was excellent, the lodging was warm and comfortable, and the food was second to none. They say that going to St. Paul is a "religious" experience...I know now what they mean...Since Ive stepped foot off the plane in Rochester on Thursday evening, the Bearing Sea and the King Eider have been calling me.....I will be back! thank you captains Moe, Jeff, Guide Dustin and Michele...I will never forget this trip



















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Thanks guys ....what an adventure....to hunt the Bearing sea...seemed surreal to me..heck I still don't believe it...there is something about that place that keeps calling my name....I will return someday to feel the chill of the wind and the salt water in my face.....

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I take it you found another double gun case???? WTF. Just bustin ya. Good deal, i want to hear details. How many times your gun froze up, how much steel shot did you spray, did the whales almost swamp ya,etc, etc etc. I am glad it all worked out for you lucky bastard. Kissing the old lady hard now huh? Talk to ya soon

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Bruce...be glad I didn't take your case...Continental/United destroyed the one I brought....idiots......If I saw one bird, I saw 5 thousand...it was unbelievable.....Scoter mania... OldSquaws were a dime a dozen...There were a pile of nice Drake kings around. Our problem was the severe snow storms with 60 mph winds..... St. Paul Harbor was just about completely frozen....Tons of Sea Lions , Seals, and even a pod of killer whales.....Arctic Fox are like stray cats ......The Natives were very friendly and some of the most hard core people I've ever met..... That place is absolutely an extreme hunt......Anyone who is serious about going, please contact me....I have a ton of useful advice to make your trip as smooth as possible....

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Matt, I think I can confidently speak for all dedicated waterfowlers and taxidermists in this country when I say.........

YOU SUCK! :devil:

Seriously though, congrats on some awesome trophies and thanks for sharing. Of course, if you really wanted to "share" I would be happy to accept a gift of that last drake king you're holding. :inlove:;)

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Redneck......There isn't a day that goes buy that I don't think about the trip.....I am extremely lucky to have gone, and that my wife is the coolest.....

I just got off the phone with the Outfitter ( Capt. Moe Neal) and he told me that everyone who went up to hunt with him this year was 100% on Kings.....The beauty of that place, the friendly people and the raw power of the Bearing Sea was truly breath taking.....When the new season of Deadliest Catch starts next Tuesday, Its going to remind me of the dangers and the adventures of St. Paul Island...

Anyone who is a serious waterfowler should look into this trip. Captain Moe, Captain Jeff and Guide Dustin really worked their tails off to give me a safe, but memorable trip........I will go back some day........

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