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winter vacation 2012


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Well it was tough tobogganing and sledding,half inch of snow tuesday am,no snomobiling.....finally got a call about 41/2 inches of ice on woods pond ,not to much of a drive from my house. So I got my 2 grandkids from North Carolina out for a couple hours of jigging. And i am happy to say they caught 5 keeper bluegills , and they were as happy as could be. Ice fishing is so much fun for the little ones, they can see and feel the bites and hold the rod and reel in the fish all by themselves.

Thanks for the ice updates on the other post, and the ice condition phone call i got was great . The Kids went home really happy... despite the lack of snow,3 days of skiing at Elk MTN. , and they got to go ice fishing too !!

Here are some pics...............choo-choo steve

choo-choo steve III and cynthia



Happy Girl !!


choo-choo III getting into it !!!


tough sledding on 1/2 inch snow


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Jet123....congrats on the 4 month old......they grow up so quick, and are eager to learn....he'll be fishing with you before you know it!!!.....choo-choo

Tcon.....I hope you guy's get some good ice up your way real soon....you must be chomping at the bit....keep us posted

Fishinman...i just love fishing with the little ones, especially ice fishing, they just love being on the ice....i wish they lived a little closer to me....choo-choo

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