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Northern King Lures - Still Going


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Hello to all, Northern King Lures, is not out of Business. Just had to move out of the building that they accupied.

There are a lot of rumors going around, especially from the owner of the building they were in and one of the Local Captians, who also makes fishing product, DONT LISTEN TO THEM, it is a fact they dont know what they are talking about.

Look for NK Table at the LOTSA Expo in late Feb.

NK has some new colors for 2012 and will be avaiable at the LOTSA Expo

NK is working on being able to do the IN-house sale again this year, so keep looking for info as spring gets closer.

Sorry for all the rumors, NK is still one of the best and looking forward to helping all you fisherman or fisherwoman out there, to catch more fish.

Fish a winner, Fish Northern King

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Awesome!! NK makes a great product that continues to produce BIG kings for us!! :yes::yes:8)

Unfortunately we will be fishing the Sodus Lodge Polar Ice Fishing Tournament the weekend of the LOTSA Expo, so we wont be able to make it (unless there's no ice, then we'll be there).

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Post subject: Re: Need some help Finger Lakes guys.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 10:32 am

Sutton did not have a silver plater for a year or more but as of last week, they DO! Thus, most of their spoons are either in stock or will be soon, according to the owner, whom i spoke with about a week ago. That's GOOD NEWS! (i was getting worried as my stock was dwindling)

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I agree with rabhunt..ya need to get some kind of web site so we can get in on the sale. I use a lot of NK lures and like yankee I need some sea sick waddlers and a few others.


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