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sunday 08/19 Barcelona walleyes

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Spent the morning with my brother, brother in law and dad fishing for eyes.

Got too late of a start and didn't hit the water till almost 7am...

I guess I was too used to lake ontario and seeing just a few fish on the screen occasionally because it looked like a freaking traffic jam in 90 FOW just east of the harbor. Fish stacked up like crazy from 70-80 feet down.

We ran worm harnesses off leadcore, small dipsies, my LO wire rigs with reg dipsys and the riggers.

We lost count of how many we hooked and lost, we just couldn't seem to hold onto the fish. We had a ton of hookups though, rods were firing all the time...

All in all a nice day and a few nice walleyes came home with us for lunch!!!

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Yep.. it sure can get nasty out there? Glad to hear that your trip out wasn't a total loss. The fishing's been awesome out there all sumer! We found that if we were hitting large numbers of smaller eyes (3-4 lbers).. by moving out over deeper water, we'd usually get into bigger fish. Of course for eaters.. you can't beat those "little" guys. One of the things I like about Barcelona is that you've only got a half-hour haul to Chautauqua Lake for those "blow" days. Not quite like Erie, but sure better than nothing. Thanks for the report.. I'm hoping to get back out there soon! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)

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