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How much is membership?

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pikefreak, Indiviual one year membership is $35.00  or Family one year membership is $47.50,includes Muskie Magazine!

signup at  http://www.muskiesinc.org/indy_files/join.php   write in Chapter 69

We look forward to meeting you & your son ,both at a NY Muskies Inc Chapter 69 Meeting and on the water fishing!


Capt Larry D. Jones

NY M.I. Chapter 69 Reg. Rep.

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Beckman Net Co. has gone out of business,I purchased the last stock of walleye,salmon & musky nets available.The Beckman Magnum Fin Saver Net 34 x 40 Net treated  bag with 6 ft handle is $90,retail was $159.95.I have 5 of them left,if you want one send a check for $90 to Capt Larry D Jones,268 Harrison Ave,Buffalo,NY14223 and I will deliver the nets to the next NY Muskies 69 Meeting at the Moose Lodge on West Henrietta Road.

Also the 26 x 32 walleye net with 4ft + 3ft handle is $75 and the 30 x 42 salmon net with 6ft + 3ft handle is $80

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Can anyone give me some info on the tiger tourney next month on Otisco? I'm assuming it's the same rules as last year? The site hasn't been updated and I'm unsure of how much it is to enter or how I go about it. Two of us are looking to participate. Thanks

Jay Davies

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Our 2014 Awards Banquet was held on April 18th 2015 at Keenan's Restaurant. Atendance was modest, the food was good and it was an overall good time. The raffle table was very good for the amount of people in attendance. The awards were given based on members entries in the Muskies Inc. Lunge Log.


Dr. Dave Palo was the Men's Division Most Points with 408 total points for 41 fish caught and his largest fish was 49".


Bridgett Palo won the Youth Division Award with 16 points for a 42.25" fish.


Andy Lacko won the Big fish Award with a 55"er he caught on a Bondy Bait  in the St Lawrence River.


I can't figure out how to put pics in post. Can someone tell me how. I reduced them to 800x 600 Extif/JPEG and they pasted ok in the editor but didn't show up when published. Below is the best I can do.






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I fish Conesus and on rare occasionally Chautauqua. I would be interested if the meeting were within reasonable distance of Rochester or on a weekend. I'm very interested in preserving quality Esox in both these lakes and in NYS in general.

In line with the original post may be dated?

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Meetings are the 3rd Monday of month every other month, Jan, Mar, May July, Sept, Nov.


Sept. 19th membership meeting 7pm at the Moose Lodge in Henrietta, NY
Our guest speaker will be Rick Kustich. Rick is an avid fly fisherman and author of several fly fishing books hailing from Grand Island in the Niagara River. He just completed a book on musky fly fishing which is scheduled to be available in January. One of the flies that will be pictured in the book is  from chapter 69 member Mike Small of Long Lake, NY. Rick will be giving us a power point presentation on all the basics you need to know to successfully fish for muskies on the fly including gear tackle fly patterns and techniques. This seems to me like the ultimate challenge in fresh water fishing.
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Don't forget the Muskies Inc. New York Chapter 69 Banquet coming up this Saturday at Keenans Restaurant on East Ridge Rd. in Irondequoit. Start time is 6pm and food will be served at 7pm. We will have awards and a great raffle table too.


Please let me know if you will be coming so we have an idea of how many to expect.

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Have you been getting the group emails from me? PM me with your current email address if you are not. I sent one out before the meeting with a recap of the Jan meeting, events schedule, awards info etc. I also sent one out for the Outstanding member vote and so those who didn't come to the meeting could vote. And I sent a reminder out on Thursday for the banquet. If you haven't been getting them, send me a PM to update your email with me. Also, make sure it is up to date on your profile on the Muskies Inc. website.

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Yes. An important topic we will be discussing is that there is a group of rich property owners on Chautauqua lake who have managed to get a permit pushed through to use two different herbicides in Bemus Bay as a so called "test" to kill weeds and they have aspirations of expanding to treatments throughout the lake. Here are some links to news articles about it and the newspapers seems to be supporting it. There is a lot more info which am still looking at and we have to rally support to oppose further treatments which they want to start next year. We might be facing an uphill battle as it looks like they may have political allies at the state level.









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I heard the floating weeds on Chautauqua were horrible. I'm doing fri, sat n Sunday there so I'll see what's up.

Are you trying to stop this herbicide use Muskiedreams? We can discuss it til we r blue in the face but ain't much we can do about it, we know this


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